Speed Dial with leading 0s

I’m setting up a new client who has a list of their memorized speed dials. I figured this wouldn’t be too hard to either add to the asterisk phonebook or the contact manager modules, both of which have speed dial options. However, some of these speed dial numbers they call start with a 0. For example, they have a speed dial number of 001, which rings a specific person’s cell number. However, when I save this into either module, the leading zeros are stripped off of the speed dial number. I’m not sure exactly how asterisk stores these speed dial numbers, but if they’re in some type of database, perhaps their datatype is an integer instead of a string, or something. But either way, it doesn’t seem to like the 0s.

Maybe I’m just missing something and this should be working, but I’m beginning to think I’ll need to come up with a different solution. Can anyone think of a work around? I thought about just changing the feature code for speed dials to match the beginning zeros, but unfortunately, some of the speed dials also start with 1s. I guess I can create a misc app and misc destination for each speed dial, but that’s rather messy and time consuming. Perhaps some custom extensions defined in extensions_custom.conf? Any suggestions on what the best syntax for such an extension may be?

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