Speed dial to external number

hi all

my company is using freepbx 2.1.1 (i know it is insanely old)

2 days ago the server was down and restart, all our extension are not working (like corrupted), according to my vendor, he told me to re-enter every single extension, alright i got it work by just clicking each extension in database and submit apply. it works now but not perfectly, sometime some extension will just “lost” by itself again or call external with pin just not working and need to reboot

my problem now is, some speed dial was set before this and it was working, i called my vendor and he told me that need to be set in the command line, but i just couldn’t find where is the file need to be set, but i guess need to work with something trunks. (my vendor is not happy to service us and keep ignoring us, so i decide to do it by myself)

i understand this 2.1.1 is old and actually i am now downloaded the latest free pbx and plan to exchange with the current server, but i need longer time than usual because i am new and lack of knowledge to freePBX,

so right now i just need to get my speed dial back to work as management request.

usually we dial

3xx to a mobile number with 10 digits

any idea where need to set, thanks all

It sounds like you manage to corrupt your asterisk database ( /var/lib/astdb ), perhaps restoring that from your last backup before it stopped working would work.

sorry i am new, can you tell me a little bit more specific, i have no idea why corrupted, anyway so i found this astdb, what should i do with it. i hope i can make the speed dial back to work only

I think it will be quicker for you with your current knowledge, to build a current system and reprogram everything, you will then be much more comfortable with how things work, and further, there are very few here who ever worked on a system as old as yours.

But if you want,you can copy your backup astdb into /var/lib/asterisk (after renaming the original), while asterisk is stopped.

On restarting asterisk, it will either be like it used to be, which is good, or not, in which case restore the saved astdb

The other more obvious solution, which I originally missed, is to just pay your vendor the money you owe him . . . I am sure he will then be much “more happy” with you, I know I am :wink:

nope, we don’t owe them money, we are happy to pay is alright, but the different is the market here (malaysia) is very narrow, they are busy hxll, every time we have a problem and want them to visit our company, they prefer to do it distance VNC and connect to our freePBX GUI, they try not to call out service because they busy like hxll