Speed dial to different tunks

Hello All,

  • I have 2 trunks (1 for business and 1 private).
  • I have about 100 speed dial numbers (50 for business and 50 private)
    How can I route the private speed dials to the private trunk and the business speed dials to the business trunk?
    What I tried was the following: For all private numbers i put some numbers, route these numbers to the private trunk and strip the added numbers off. This works but when I am called by one of these numbers I see only the number in the phones display and not the name anymore so this is not the solution. Can anybody help me with this issue.
    Thanks in advance.

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The problem is that I don’t want that my private CID is send when making a business call and that my business CID is send when making a private call.


where do you add these “numbers” for trunk decision and dialing. Seems like they are unrelated tho when being called…