Speed dial number?

hello i read somewhere in the community forum that i can make a park call as a speed dial? i don’t remember where i saw it from but it said to do ##70# not sure what is that? can someone please help me out with that?

## is blind transfer.
70 is the extension number for the parking lot.
# tells the system to dial the number now.

It will send your current call to the parking lot. The only problem you might run into is you’ll have no idea which slot in the lot your call dropped into.

Hello Cynjut

i had to go to my work to pick up some papers and i tried it calling my cellphone.

What i did i called my cellphone it went through. then i pressed ##70 and it said transfering then i pressed the # again and it said 70 so it did park the call on 70. so i hangout my work phone went to a different phone and pressed 70 and i received the call so that worked, it did tell me the parked number after i hit the last # button.


When I’ve used the Blind Transfer in the past, it transferred the call without any announcement at all.

I’m not using the latest freepbx and I’m able to here the number after i pressed the last # sign at the end. I’m happy thank you.

For me also *270 worked (*2 being asterisk in-call code for attended transfer, 70 is the parking lot entry)

*270 works for me too. But on my phone being able to press one button is much much better.

Some phones can assign a specific dial code / prefix to the transfer/speed dial button (and the trailing # is not always neccessary too) so if you configured the *270 (or *270#) as speed dial it should work as well as ##70# and tell you where it’s parked
(side note: on freepbx ‘70’ is the default catchment number for parking, it then tells us which actual slot did it park to - between 71 and 78 for example - YMMV if you don’t have freepbx, I guess :wink: )

For some odd reason I can not program *270 as a soft button on my phone it will not let me. However just finding out that I can do ##70# on my phone that works and I tried it as a soft button that did work.so now I’m able to park the call