Speed dial import from legacy system


I have a client with about 100 speed dial’s in an aging system – they have provided me with a spreadsheet with the name, phone and current speed dial number. My task is to load this into FreePBX.

My first thought was to use the Asterisk Phonebook but I read somewhere that is was deprecated – I could be wrong on that. So, I thought I’d use the Contacts module but the importer for that will NOT let me import a speed dial number setting.

So, I ask… Phone book or Contacts and if Contacts, is there a way to import a speed dial number?

I’m going to annoy @jfinstrom with this one, since he’s the guy I always bother with bulk handler stuff.

James, is there a way to do this? I have the potential to have to do this with a customer in a couple of months and it might be a handy thing to be able to do easily :slight_smile: