Speed dial and Asterisk Phonebook

Hi everyone,

I’ve got few questions related with these two features.

I need to have both running but from some reason it doesn’t work for me at all and I would like to understand the way it should work.

To enable speed dial I have to go to tools then Asterisk Phonebook, put an entry there, enable speed dial.

If I would like to use this speed dial I have to dial *001, don’t I ? After that voice in the phone says “There are no number assigned to this speed dial number” (or something like that). So what did I miss ?

The second thing. If I put entry in the Asterisk Phonebook like my mobile number and if I call myself on DDI shouldn’t the number be replaced on the screen by the entry from the phone book ? If not, is there any way to do that ?

Thank you for your help in advance.


I have managed to do speed dial :). When short number is 001 then I should dial *0001 :). That was my mistake :).

However the question for the phone book is still actual. Is there any way to replace caller number to the entry from the phone book if exists ?

Thank you.


Caller ID Lookup Sources, enter some sort of name in Source Description, leave Source type as Internal, click Submit Changes.
Inbound Routes, select your Inbound route, heading CID Lookup Source, in Source select your previously saved Caller ID Lookup Source.

Apply changes.

Hi Mikael,

Thank you for your help. This is working perfect!