Speech to Text - yes again

I’m hoping for a new answer, a yes answer.

Can I add a reliable speech to text option to me FreePBX distro?
Can anyone using this please speak up.

Thanks in advanced.

We open sourced a lot of our speech to text stuff from years ago but it isn’t really maintained. That said it could be used as a guide on how to accomplish things. Some of the cloud services by Amazon and IBM for speech recognition are amazing. At Astricon I watched 3 people doing real time(ish) translation from language A to language B. There was a few second delay but it was super cool stuff.

With FreePBX I don’t know of anyone using it beyond a hobby level with random hacks. I have played with this stuff as a general API and would like to play with some direct integrations as a personal project but with a full schedule I have to find time for other personal projects.

Thanks James for the quick response.
The Amazon stuff looks good. https://aws.amazon.com/polly/pricing/
So I’m sure someone has this connected to FreePBX.

so who has this working?

This is the most progress I’ve seen in the forum. Users on the thread appear to have implemented this approach. As James mentioned, this is not a clean integration.

Sorry for late reply. I only just saw this post.
I had previously tried the Polly implementation and found it worked “out of the box”

I was recently asked to build a system that took a text message and phone number via API, convert the message to “voice”, ring the number and play the message. I have a prototype engine working using Polly, and it works well. Working on a production system now.

The prototype is using Freepbx as the asterisk engine, though I did the Polly conversion outside Freepbx under the API.

Let me know if you want some specific info.

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Please share them… Tx

Please do share.

We also went ahead using the linked method to incorporate Polly as a TTS engine. Works very well using the TTS GUI. I wish that this could be a more standard integration (a module with a GUI), but since I lack the skills to fix this, I don’t have room to complain.

Ok I will try and document a few key steps as I build this production server.

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We are using http://nexiwave.com/ for our voicemail. It works about as good as google’s voice->text on a phone.

I have posted a new example under the title Text to Speech - Revisited