Speech recognition and Asterisk

Speech recognition and Asterisk
Time ago I only implemented it to experiment with voice recognition based on Google
Since I felt a bit in danger since you never know that Google changes its mind or who knows what it does … I preferred to leave everything at an experimental level …
Now I’m going back to it and I wanted to rely on Asterisk and that’s it, I’m reading this: https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Speech+Recognition+API

For me it is important to know if it supports Italian before starting … Does anyone know?

The API itself is just the defined interface, it is not a speech recognition engine so there is no “support” for specific languages. That’s up to the engine, and none are included.

Amazon, Microsoft and IBM all offer cloud speech recognition similar to Google. I don’t know whether they have Italian with an 8 kHz model.

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