Specs Recommendation for VPS hosted FreePBX

Hello, I have a FreePBX solution working in a VPS with 2GB RAM. However I will have probably max 20 extensions, and max 1 or 2 calls at a given time.

I will add Google Voice also.

Is it too much for this? Should I downgrade to 1GB, 512MB, or 256MB of RAM?

Also, where can I find the steps to add Google Voice?

Thank you!

VPS’s can be tough if not optimized and designed for realtime voice. Secondly do not waste your time with google voice. Google has killed off the XMPP which is how external application connect starting in May 2014

Hi Tony. What google voice alternative can we use?

Can I use a magic jack or ooma number for outgoing and incoming calls through freepbx?
Or here is a free alternative out there?

Can I limit the use of this line to be used only with one or two extensions?

Thanks a lot!