Specify Trunk for A Single Extension?


Is it possible to configure an extension to use a specific trunk? For example, for testing purposes, I would like force my extension to use my secondary trunk. Currently, the only way to do this is to change the trunk order in the default outbound route, but that applies to all extensions.

Scallica - This issue has been covered repeatedly. Please search the forum for answers before posting.

The outbound route has a CID field you can use to limit the route to a single extension. Of course you did not tell us what version of FreePBX and Asterisk you have so I can’t even tell you this with any level of certainty.

Hi Scallica,
There is also a module available (certainly for FreePBX 2.9, not sure about other versions) named:
Outbound Route Permissions

This is designed to do exactly what you ask.
I’ve never actually used it so can’t offer advice on how to set it up unfortunately.

you can do that with custom contexts or creating an outbound route like this:
8|. so you have to dial with 8 from this extension