Specified Outbound Rout (trunk)

Hi. i have issue with configuring specified outbound trunk. Let me breath tell about it.
I have 6 Google Voice (Motif) trunks. Also I have 12 Queues. All incoming calls evertime using only one trunk in head of list Outbound Routs. Inbound routs configure correctly and everything works. The issue is - I want use specified outbound rout (google voice (motif)) trunk for different Queues. For example: Queue #1 should use Google Voice (Motif) trunk #3, Queue #2 use outbound rout #6 etc. I tried configure Outbound Rout using Dial Patterns and set specified phone number in match pattern field but it doesn’t work for me. Also I try to configure Trunk settings as well. But it doesn’t work for me too. Its every time use only first trunk on outbound routs list. I tried to find any setting in Queue settings to use specified trunk for this Queue but i didn’t find it. So how can I fix it? Also how can i setup Caller ID for Google Voice (Motif) module? I can’t change CID. Incoming calls going from my google voice number, but i want to see customer number who call to me using my queue. Thank for everyone who will answer to me.