Special Rings and caller list

Here is an odd problem, hope this is the right area.

I have an asterisk server running with FreePBX, I have almost exclusively Aastra 57i phones which are working great, with one small problem. I have a few Ring Groups that go to a bunch of common phones. RG’s are like Sales, Tech, Accounting an example of a common phone would be the kitchen area. Each ring group uses a different ringtone on the 57i’s. That way Tech is not answering an accounting call etc.

Everything works as expected, except with I go into the Callers list on the 57i’s I am not seeing the calls that used a special ring tone. Is there a way around this? I would like all calls that rang on an extension be listed.

Anyone else had this problem?

It’s hard to be sure, but this sounds like something with the Aastra’s behavior. How did you set up the special rings? Alert-Info headers maybe? I’d try asking them if whatever you applied would cause a call not to show up on that list, or what other reasons can cause calls not to show up. As a side note, another way you can help differentiate between calls is to add something to the caller id name, like “sales-”, or “tech_”.

You have to set the Alert Info in the ring group. Give it a name you want, then on the telephone, match the name of the ring you want. You will need to put the same Alert-Info name on the telephones also.

The ring group is using the alertid . The phones do ring, the Caller-ID is displayed on the screen, just not added to the caller log. Very strange…

Thanks, will check with Aastra people too. As for prefixes, yup use those :slight_smile: they are great! just hard to see from across the room.

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