Special Queue

I would like to know if the following dialplan logic can be written either in Asterisk 1.4 or 1.6.

If “ X” queue receives a call from CID “Y”
Answer only if member “Z” is available & CID = “Y”
If not
Send busy signal

I understand this logic will limit the purpose of a queue, but this is a special circunstance.

Thanks in advance!

Set up inbound route with "Y’ as the CID.
Point this to a queue that has only “Y” in it.

In Queue Options:

Change these from Default:

Music on hold class : None
Max Wait Time: 10 Seconds
Max Callers: 1
Agent Timeout: 1
Retrt: No retry
Wrap Up : 0
Skip Busy agents: Yes

Have the Fail Over Destination an Announcement, the content of which is about 30 seconds of busy signal.

There are probably better ways of doing this, but this one is done entirely within FreePbx.

I emphasize that I haven’t actually tested this, and you may have to tweak some of the settings to have it work smoothly.