Special Configuration Needed for CDR Logging?

So I have a distro installation running on a server in a VM and it works great. However I am trying to setup FreePBX on an Atom based appliance as a backup. It can’t handle the full distro so I need to do a manual install. I’m using Alma Linux and more or less following the tutorials below. There’s a few things out of date so a few modifications are needed.

I get through the install and FreePBX works fine, except for call logging. There is a csv file created but no data goes to the MariaDB tables. I’ve spent many hours looking at config files and see nothing obvious wrong.

I even created a new VM in hyper-v to quickly test if I perhaps missed something during the install. Guess what! CDR logging doesn’t work there either!

Clearly I’m missing something. This functionality is poorly documented and it seems like one must either be a Linux ninja to get it working or use the distro. Is there some module needed missing from this tutorial or additional configuration needed on a new install that you all can clue me in on? Thanks!

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Your atom based appliance is ?

( I have a few and with 2g of memory and 4g of storage you should be good for FreePBX. Why did you choose Alma Linux? , it adds a layer of ‘ok but why’ )

It’s a generic Yanling (YL-1900) box. As for why Alma, with Centos being EOL I figured it was that or Rocky. I guess I could have just stuck with Centos 7. Another distro you had in mind?

Were it me , I would go with a straight Debian 11 install and avoid the whole RH debacle which is as yet still in a ‘state of flux’ , Debian is solid as a rock and installable on almost any hardware, there are recipes on the wiki here as to get it going in a couple of hours.

I will give it a try.

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Do that and you will find that the mariadb tables should be populated via the defined odbc connection

Sure enough that works! Did a build in Hyper-V to test following the linked tutorial, except for manually compiling Asterisk 18 as I don’t want to use 16. Will try the appliance another day, but I’m sure it will work there as well. Enough fun for today.

How to Install FreePBX 16 on Debian 11 with Asterisk 16 - FreePBX Documentation - Documentation

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Give @billsimon kudos for saving you hours :wink:

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