Speaker phone needs to dial extension without pression Dial button


Posting this as a new question because I really could not think how to word a search.

We want to dial an extension and have the phone complete the call without having to press another key (Dial or Speaker) to complete the call.

Off-hook we can dial 720 and get extension 720. On-hook (speaker phone) we dial 720 then have to press the Dial or Speaker button to complete the call
Should be: On-hook dial 720 and after x seconds it should dial without pressing another key.


This is going to be a phone level feature and nothing that can be programmed or setup at the PBX level. The phone must support a hotline/auto dial feature that will send the preprogrammed digits to the PBX when the phone goes off-hook/opens a line.

It’s called a dial string or digitmap or something close, and is a string of strings that match possible dial patterns, when the dialed digits match completely, the captured digits will be sent to the server.

What phone?

I’ve found digitmap on my Digium phones on the web GUI, but any changes I make are not persistent, they get overwritten by FreePBX. Guessing I should be making digitmap changes on the FreePBX GUI somewhere

The digitmap/dialplan rules for deskphones are typically only applied during the offhook, not the on-hook state.

yealink T2x family. We had it working on Polycom phones in testing. We’ve won’t be using the Polycom phones.

Ok, got it. Browse to the Yealink T2x phone, open the Settings tab, and Enable Live Dialpad. The default settings will dial 4 seconds after extension is entered. Would be nice to set this in EPM template but it’s not an option.

Thanks for the input, everyone.

You can edit the basefile for the phone if you know the setting names. Once you have it working, submit it using a Feature Request ticket and get it added “for the good of mankind.”

I’ll look into that. Had not considered it could be added to the template, FTGoM.

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