Speak with the same agent as previous call


we need your help :). In our company we use Queues for our Support team. What we want is, when customer calls first time, this call is answer by one of our agents (for example agent1). When the same customer calls again for example in 24hours, we want him to call again with the same agent(agent1).

Is there any way to set up a queue to do that? Or is there a module that can do that?

Thank you very much for any ideas how to set up it

Nothing handles this right now. I have seen this asked before, but I have never seen anyone post a final solution.

You could lookup that before sending the call to the queue and send it direct to the agent, but what if she is busy? Perhaps build a queue per agent ?

mysql asteriskcdrdb -N -s  -e "select  substring(substring_index(dstchannel,'@',1),7)  from cdr  where  disposition='ANSWERED' and lastapp='Queue' and dstchannel !='' and src='${CallerID(number)}' order by calldate   desc limit 1;"|tr -d '\n'

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