Spamassassin high cpu usage

Hello All,

Asterisk - 11.x FreePBX-2 11.0.38

I’m not sure if this problem is do to asterisk itself,or possibly a shell script from FreePBX so just trying to get some info.
This system is also being run as an email server,FYI.
After a system update,once per hour (starting at 25 after the hour) the CPU usage escalates to around 88% seeing many instances of spamassassin being run by asterisk. This high cpu state lasts for about 6-7 minutes then tales off.
I see no scheduled cron jobs that would be doing this on the hour. Just as a guess,I am thinking this is being caused by email notification forwarding. I can see nothing in sys log,or email log,that tells me what is causing this.
This same asterisk/freePBX has run fine and still does,albeit,with this 6-7 minutes high rate of CPU with the (about 12 instance of spamassassin running)

Also,I see as a sub-directory in /var/lib/asterisk .spamassassin with several in it. Does this seem correct?
I have never had any reason to look in this directory before.

I have Googled and found absolutely nothing like this scenario,so open to any ideas.

I have even shut off spamassassin in the services and still get this condition.


My assumption is that the .spamassassin dirctory in your asterisk’s user “home” folder (/var/lib/asterisk by default) is triggering spamassassin to do it’s stuff, I would check the asterisk users mail queue (which is what is validating its integrity against) and clear it when you have read the emails, spamassassin should then be quicker next time.