SPA94X profile rule for endpoint manager

Hello All,

I’m using the latest FreePBX distro, with the endpoint manager installed. I have Snom and Aastra phones working fine, but I am unable to configure the SPA941/942 phones to auto provision over HTTP.

What does one put in the Provisioning rule section of the SPA941/942 configuration?

I’ve tried multiple variations and here’s what I get:

  1. Entering and submitting all changes does nothing. In fact, tcpdump host [Phone IP] shows No traffic at all.

  2. Entering$PSN.cfg gives the same result as #1.

  3. Entering$MA.xml gives the same result as #1 and #2.

Now, if I enter #2 and then browse to http://[phone ip]/admin/resync I see the phone reach out via http and grab the file. I have confirmed this in tshark. I see a 200 reply to the GET request. But the phone does not configure.

It does change the provisioning rule to:$MA.xml

Forcing a resync with this as the profile rule causes the phone to crash and require a factory reset.

Anyway, I want the phone to reach out via HTTP, grab it’s configs and register itself, like my Snom and Aastra phones do.



Unfortunately the HTTP provisioning method in Endpoint Manager was never perfected and therefore it’s ability to perform is weak at best.