SPA941 Paging... How do I get this to work?

I am trying to setup paging with my SPA941 phones. I see the feature code *80 but if I dial it with the desired extension, I just get a busy tone right away. I tried dialing *96 along with the extension but then the phone just rang as if i dialed the extension directly.

My phone has the Auto Answer Page enabled.

What else could I be missing?

ALSO: when I run a trace with asterisk -r, nothing shows up in the output… nothing…

Thanks in advance

You need to get on the web interface of your phone and into admin and then advanced mode, edit the dial plan for line 1,
you will see a whole bunch of characters. Add to the end of this, before the parenthesis close:
|*803xx assuming that your extensions are in the 300 range. If they are not, change the 3xx to whatever your extension range is.

Submit settings and let me know if it works. If it doesnt post your entire dial plan here