SPA3102, routes through FreePBX, extension rings but I can't answer it

I’ve had freepbx working successfully for a number of months now with sipgate and sipdiscount in the UK. sipgate provides a DDI number which successfully routes through and i can answer calls on my extension.

I’ve added an SPA3102 so i can route inbound calls from my landline plus benefit from free 9-5 outbound calls.

I followed the advice of wiseoldowl on here to get the spa3102 connected to freepbx, set up trunks and inbound routes and now my extension rings when someone calls the PSTN number but each time i try to answer i get a busy signal on my extension so i hang up and the phone keeps ringing - answer it and i get a busy signal again.

I’m using a Grandstream GXP2120 phone.

I’m a relative newbie on freepbx and sip so would appreciate and help and pointers the community can offer. Can provide log extracts or configs if that helps, but i’m guessing there is a tick box i’ve missed somewhere

Thanks for looking at this

Hi I have the same problem. :’-(

Please please let me know if you work in out and if i work it out i will do the same.