SPA3102 Disconnect Tone Detection

I have an SPA3102 FW:5.2.13, FXO connected to Hungarian landline phone, but the disconnect tone detection is not working, I found this: which says that the busy tone is 425hz for 0.3 sec on and 0.3 off. So I created the following tone script: [email protected],[email protected];0.6(0.3/0.3/1+2), but with this the call hang up immediately after dial. Is my script wrong?

The page at,Busy_tone,Sipura
[email protected];10(0.3/0.3/1)
However, the SPA3102 may not recognize that syntax, and it’s also likely that the level is less than -10dBm, so if the above doesn’t work, try
[email protected],[email protected];5(0.3/0.3/1+2)

If you still have trouble, temporarily turn off disconnect tone detection and set up FreePBX to record the call. Open the recording in Audacity (or another audio editor) to determine the frequency, level and cadence that your carrier is actually sending.

It doesn’t work, I tried to analyze it with audacity, the duration is ok, its 0.3/0.3, the freq is also 425Hz and the level is -13.2dB.
With this:

[email protected],[email protected];5(0.3/0.3/1+2)

The call hangs up but only after 4 busy tone. If I set the 5 to 0.6 or 1 the outbound call immediately hangs up after dial.

That’s normally what you want. If you set it to hang up on the first busy tone, calls will occasionally be inappropriately disconnected, because speech on the line will sometimes sound like a beep. Waiting until several have been heard makes it more robust. True, the line will be unavailable for an extra 1.8 seconds before disconnecting, but only if the other party has not hung up.

I remember SPA3102 box, it’s pretty complicated to configure it. I remember to get this situation with the hang up detection and CID detection.
I know I played with Rxgain as well and sometimes with the line setting 600 ohms 2µf …etc

Next I changed my box with a Grandstream HT503 easier to configure.

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