SPA3000 with freepbx - delay placing call

I have setup a spa3000 with freepbx per this fine guide below but have 2 issues that I cant resolve.

  1. Calls from a handset attached to the FXS port (PSTN1) take ~10 seconds to present to freepbx. Ie there is a 10 second delay when placing a call when originated the call from the FXS port to anywhere.

  2. Calls outbound (out the FXO port to the PSTN) do not hang up automatically if the called party hangs up. I just hear a disconnected tone which continues for ~30 seconds then stops but the FXO port remains up indefinitely and cant be used by another call until the hangup button is pushed on the phone.

Assume these are all SAP3000 settings that needs tweaking.

Appreciate any tips from those whom have been there done that before.

  1. try pressing # after dialing the number - that should send the call right away instead of waiting to see if you will dial any more digits. You will need to customize the dialplan to recognize your foten dialed patterns and to send them our right away (s0)
  2. You need to tweek your disconnect settings. This is country/telco specifc

Thanks lazytt. As you suggested, the dialplan settings on the sap3000 was the issue.