SPA3000 vs SPA3102 - Which should I buy?

I’m planning on setting up Asterisk/Freepbx at home, and intend to connect my Analog phone to Freepbx and my Btitish Telecom PSTN line to Freepbx via either an SPA3000 or an SPA3102 and am seeking advice as to which I should buy.

I can get an SPA3000 for around £35.00 or an SPA3102 for around £60.00

I don’t need the ethernet router function of the 3102, so I could go for the 3000. The question I have is are there any reasons why I should pay another £25.00 for the SPA3102?

I have tried using a TDM400 card and found that I just couldn’t get a usable PSTN connection form it (asterisk 1.6.1.xx + dahdi 2.x), plus I don’t want to use up PCI slots in my server - they’re used for other things and the next motherboard might not have any spare ones anyway.