spa3000 incomming calls not working

hello, I’m having a problem: got a spa3000 with a configuration that is working ok in an old instalation of asteriskathome, now I’m installing a new box for replacing the new one, with freepbx and asteirsk 1.4 (CVS) but can’t receive calls.

The problem is this: the spa is configured to dial S0<:[email protected]:5060>. The “linea2” is used to identify the trunk and can do inbound routing (working ok in the old version).

Now, in the new version, any inbound call from the SPA3000 generates this error:

[Oct 29 13:19:10] NOTICE[6485] chan_sip.c: Call from ‘PSTN_2’ to extension ‘linea2’ rejected because extension not found

Try changing it to this:


where nxxnxxxxxx is the did that is used to call that pstn line. Then create an inbound route for that did to send it where you want it to go. You must have made some changes to extensions.conf for what you had to work. Make sure that the context for the SPA3000 config is from-pstn (or from-trunk).

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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I remember beging fight with the incomming routes but I think finally I found the “S0<:[email protected]:5060>” approach. linea2 is treated as the DID just like it where the dialed number. I think it will no different on using a number or letters, but tomorrow I will try. Thanks for your answer. Will tell you if it works. By the way: I tried with from-pstn and from-trunk. ¿May be a problem on using asterisk 1.4?

linea2 will come in as the did as you point out which is why I told you to do what I described above, so that you get a did you can route in the incoming routes.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http// - IRC #freepbx