SPA3000 connecting to Trixbox Problems


I’m going to be as clear as possible so please bear with me.

Ok, I set up my trixbox and my Spa 3000 with no problems right!

I then set up the trunk and extensions to match my PSTN info and so on.
Now On my Freepbx status page it’s now telling me I have:
Ip Phone Online 1
IP trunk Online 1
IP trunk Registered 0

My Pstn info in the Spa3000 settings matches the trunk info and extensions SO MY PROBLEM IS GETTING THE TRUNK TO REGISTER
I’ve been threw most of the wiki pdf’s and this is driving me nuts!

Anyone know the main root to this problem?

(ps. my voip provider is Acanac)

You are going to get the same lack of response here that you received on the trixbox forum.

Without information on the device configuration and how you setup the trunks there is nothing anyone can do.

FreePBX folks aren’t here to help lost trixbox users.

HOWTO: Linksys SPA-3102/Sipura SPA-3000 + FreePBX

But that’s really intended for true FreePBX users, not users of the forked Trixbox version.

thank you