SPA2102 setup

Be gentle please! I’m new to this. I have a SPA2102 that I want to connect to our system located in another city. The phone system is a E-Metrotel UCx and has a public IP address that is NATed to a private IP address at that location. I can connect my H.323 phones with no problem. I have the SIP extensions built in the UCx. I don’t know how to setup the SPA2102. Can anyone help me with this?

You are in the FreePBX support forum., does the E-Metrotel UCx use FreePBX?

Yes, it does. Sorry, I meant to add that in.

Should work for you.

Thank You Dicko but, the way I read the instructions, is that for a FXO? I’m setting up a FXS. Does that us the same settings? I didn’t see anything in the SPA2102 referring to the PSTN.