SPA echo - where to handle? FreePBX or the ATA Adaptor

Hilariously/tragically, this authority says do it on the PBX

If you’re trying to fix echo problems with Asterisk, it’s probably best to make sure the Linksys box is not trying to do its own echo-cancellation, which should be left to the Asterisk server

Whereas ‘Darcy’ who sounds like he knows what he’s about, says do it on the ATA adaptor

Neither Asterisk or Freeswitch will echo cancel your PAP2T. Echo
cancellation over IP is very problematic, and hardly ever attempted. The PAP2T should be echo cancelling for itself, and they usually do a fairly good job of this.

I have used PAP2T’s in the past and echo is an issue, keeping the volume levels on the PAP2T as low as possible seemed to help and then just playing around with the setting until it was acceptable. Hands free use of the phone generated the most issues, conerence phones being very difficult to support.

I didn’t think there were any settings in FPBX for echo but there are definitely better qualified people on here that me to confirm that.

While not a massive of Grandstream (quality and length of life issues) in general when it comes to echo their ATA’s perform much better that PAP2T’s and the only ATA I have in service now is a HT502.

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