SPA 942 Cannot get device to register

From my Linksys phone status panel:

Ext 1 Status
Registration State: Failed 404 Last Registration At: 0/0/0 00:00:00
Next Registration In: 1199 s Message Waiting: No
Mapped SIP Port:

Yes, I confirmed that my user ID is identical and secret is also correct in both the phone and the pbx.

I’m rather new at this FreePbx system and tried with 2 new 942 phones… same problem.

Does anyone have a configurarion sheet that they can post here so I can compare my tables to something that works?


I don’t have any of the linksys 942 phones, but there is nothing special in FreePBX for the phones. The Phones register with asterisk. So ahve you done a more general search using google to see if there is any help in setting up the phones with asterisk. FreePBX will configure the sip config files for you. I’m guessing that you don’t have a needed value set in the phone, but I don’t know where to tell you to look as I’ve never touched them.

Normally you need to setup the following information on a phone:

Sip Proxy IP:
Registrar IP:
Sip port: (many default to 5060 which is correct)
Registrar port: (many default to 5060 which is correct)
user/auth ID

Thanks for the reply.

I need help getting this going… Willing to pay someone to Putty into
FreePbx to get me started…



If you click on the support page you can purchase support from freepbx and I am sure they can get you up and running quickly.

Hello Paul,

I, like you, am just getting started in this. I also have some SPA942 phones. Was this issue ever resolved through either free or paid support?