SPA-941 & 942 drop call when placed on hold. Also have to click submit before system works on restart

I upgraded FreePBX from 2.2 to following the directions.
I have a couple of issues that I can’t seem to fix.

  1. I have 20 (which is all of them) SPA’s either 941 or 942’s that now drop calls when the call is placed on hold. You can hear the music on hold for about 10 seconds and then the call drops. The phone says “Trying to hold…”. If you try to pickup the line it drops the call and soon as you try.

  2. I now have to click submit every single time the system reboots before calls will go through the system. It doesn’t matter which extension or module I do this in. As long as I click submit it will work fine until amportal is restarted or the system is restarted.

Can someone please give me some direction? This is causing a lot of frustration.

Thanks in advance.