SPA-3102: Calls to landline not goingto Asterisk voicemail


I followed the setup guide for my LinkSys SPA-3102 to route my calls from the landline to Asterisk (the HOWTO I followed is at

It works as far as the connected phone rings, and is seems to be handled by Asterisk, as there are entries for it in the CDR. If the incoming call goes unanswered, however, it goes to my phone provider’s voicemail and not the voicemail of the extension my PSTN trunk is going to.

In mY FreePBX config in “Incbound Routes”, I have my landline’s inbound route called “spa-3102” and set the destination to the “main” extension (the same extension my VoIP DIS goes goes to, which is our main phone)

What am I likely missing to have unanswered calls to the landline go through to the “Destination’s” voicemail?

Also, how would I configure the SPA-3102 so that if it loses connectivity to the Asterisk box, the connected phone will still ring for calls to the landline?

(pointers to appropriate documentation that shows how to do this are fine!)