SPA 3102 and freepbx

After fixing my problem with the custom stuff in the ring group i got another issue - i have connected the freepbx ( with asterisk 1.4 on ubuntu 8.10 ) and Linksys SPA 3102 ( firmware 5.1.5 ) following the howto found here :

I have a strange problem - sometimes when the phone rings the caller ID of calls that are coming from the outside is the SIP trunk name, sometimes it is the real number. The provider supports caller ID’s so that part is fine. I have not found any dependancies yet or why , but it is recurring. I am looking at caller id’s in freepbx/admin/reports.php and the caller id of some of the calls is what i described above.

Any suggestions ? Thanks.

That is strange. How long is your PSTN Answer Delay setting on the SPA-3102 (under the “FXO Timer Values (sec)” section)? You may need to increase it by a second or two if your phone company is a little slow in sending the Caller ID data sometimes. Also, if the phone company sends names with quotes around them, that can cause problems (particularly if they ever send names with an opening quotation mark, but no closing quotation mark - Asterisk REALLY has problems with that).

Of course, if you have a noisy phone line, that could also impede the Caller ID from being received properly.