SPA-3000 and Asterisk won't ring Analog Phone but will VoIP phones

Here is my setup. I have an SPA-3000 which connects my Asterisk box to the PSTN on the line port, then I have 3 Analog phones that connect to the phone port of the SPA3000. I also have a couple of VoIP phones connected to the network.

My Problem: When a call comes in through the PSTN, only the VoIP phones will ring. I’m able to make PSTN call’s through my analog lines but they won’t ring when a call comes in.

When I dial the analog extension from a VoIP phone all 3 phones will ring, but never if the call comes in through the PSTN.

Somebody please Help!! :slight_smile:


Do you have the SPA-3000’s extension in the ring group for your incoming calls? I know it sounds stupid, but that is what it sounds like is going on.

This is a shot in the dark - if the phones ring when you call from another extension then they should also ring on an incoming PSTN call, but at least check and see if these settings look reasonable:

Regional Tab
Ring and Call Waiting Tone Spec
Ring Waveform: Sinusoid
Ring Frequency: 20
Ring Voltage: 90