SPA-2000 Settings in freepbx (which is not included in the How-To)

Hi to all FreePBX specialists,

I have a Sipura SPA-3000 and wanted to configure it for FreePBX and route all calls over FreePBX for Call Blocking Nuisance Calls and for Voicemail.

So I did setup FreePBX and it’s up and running and I also found the How-To for the SPA-3000 which has a link on how to setup the “Line 1” (FXS Port) Tab which is the same as for a SPA-2000 (which has 2 Line Tabs but no FXO Port) and it directs you to this how-to.

This how to has a detailed explanation on how to configure the device itself but apart from one or two settings I totally lacks what to configure in FreePBX.

But as I’m totally new to FreePBX I don’t know how to set-up the FXS Port in FreePBX, I guess I have to set it up an extension but I’m not even sure about that. And if so, what settings do I have to made and how can I test it (for example send test call to that extension) or is it a trunk? As you can see I’m quite new to Asterisk and FreePBX and hoped that the majority knows how to set this thing up.

At first I tried to understand how asterisk works but it’s really complicated even for a senior programmer to understand all the principles and as I could not get the SPA-3000 working at all, I tried FreePBX but some of the configuration is as complicated as on pure asterisk and now I’m stuck and overwhelmed with a ton of documentation and settings in FreePBX and don’t know really where to start and how to get the “Line 1” Part of the SPA-3000 working…

I hope that you can understand that all I want is to route all calls over the SPA-3000/FreePBX without spending days reading through so much documentation, I’m just a simple home user and just want the SPA-3000 working…

Thanks for any help on this.


Simple create an extension in FreePBX, use the SIP secret as the password in the Line key on the SPA and the extension number as the user ID. Set use auth ID yes and use the extension in the auth ID. Put the address of the FreePBX box in the proxy and outbound proxy fields. The rest is just tweaking.

If you followed the guide for setting up the FXO port it should be sending calls to the FreePBX box and just add a simple trunk based on the IP:


host=ip of spa

Then add a catch all inbound route and you are all set.