Sourcing Yealink Handsets (SIP-T28P, etc)

Does anyone know where we can find handsets for older Yealink phones? We had a bunch of SIP-T28P phones donated to our non-profit, but it looks like the handsets never got sent over and we’ve had no luck tracking them down. So we’re left with trying to find handsets from somewhere or we’ll have to purchase entire phones since the phones are unusable without the handsets.

Kind of a rediculous situation I know, but if anyone has any distributors or references for where we might be able to find/purchase the handsets, I’d be quite appreciative! So far, ebay et al. have not produced any promising results.

The handsets of those early T2X series phones were effectively identical across the line, so if you can find them for a slightly different model in that series, they should work just fine.

You might also have luck reaching out to Yealink Sales/Support directly to see if they offer it as a direct part, which would still be cheaper than buying entirely new phones.

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