Source for Asterisk 13.23.1 in Distro 6 to apply a patch

Hi all: sorry if this as been asked a million times before, but I couldn’t find the source code for Asterisk 13.23.1 on FreePBZ Distro 6

I need to try a patch for a sound issue with iLBC codec, so I have to patch Asterisk with the patch that Digium support provided me. I know I’m running an old Distro, but in the meantime I can’t upgrade to Distro 7.

So I’m running Distro 6 10.13.66-22 with Asterisk 13.23.1 and I would need the source for that Asterisk version, at least to try the patch, as I’m aware of the ramifications of patching the Distro.

Does anyone know if the source for this particular combination of Distro 6 + Asterisk 13.23.1 exists?

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