Soundstation IP 4000 registration problem after upgrading firmware

Has anyone run into this:
Upgraded all my polycom phones (330’s,501’s,650’s,4000’s) to the new bootrom 4.1.0 and sip 3.0.1 rev c. All is well except the IP 4000’s wont register. They pull their config; i can verify this by looking in my ftp log and the log files that the phone writes when it boots, it just doesn’t register…it’s like its skipping that part.
I use a central config that works just fine for all the other phones. The only thing that tells me anything about what might be going on is that one time, and one time only, in the appflash log, it wrote this line:
Registration failed User: 324, Error Code:480 Temporarily not available
I dont know what that could mean since all the other phones are registering but the 2 IP 4000’s i have…so it couldnt be that the server is not available. whats not available?
If anyone has any idea, please let me know :slight_smile: