Soundcard input music on hold

while working on my FreePBX server, i was checking the option to stream music on hold from my Icecast server, and it worked great, though there was no call load, so i don’t know if it is fully stable. but still, it worked.
now, if i was to plug in a cheap USB sound card, would it be possible to take the audio input, and apply it directly to a MoH category?
i don’t have a problem using wav audio files, but as i like to tinker with things, i thought i would probe the question. seems like it would be a neat feature.


Rewriting the MOH directory to the USB would be a bad idea, just copy them over to /var/lib/asterisk/moh

not quite what i had in mind. i was wondering if i could take a USB analog sound input device, and stream it directly to play through the music on hold. maybe i am not explaining this well…
an audio analog input device, like this :
plugged into a USB port on my FreePBX/Asterisk server, and play the input audio into the music on hold.
I was just wondering if it was possible.


Hmm, doesn’t actually say how to use a soundcard, only that it can be done. but i think more importantly, it states this:

i think i will stick with static files for MoH.


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