Sound recordings

I just updated my freepbx/asterisk system to the latest distro, and everything seems to be running OK. I need to work a bit on announcements and recordings, but I am running into issues there.

First: "Sound and languages looks a bit different than in the manual. It only shows the language, Author, and Actions. Most languages have a “download” icon, English has a “delete” icon, so I assume it is loaded (tha manual shows more info, such as version, etc.).

When I go to “recordings”, I see a list of recordings that were transferred from the old system. The “supported languages” for all these recordings is empty. I can click the Edit icon in the “Action column” and Edit REcording" opens.

Right away there a warning. In “File list for English” it says that I have “a missing file for this language”. Does that mean the English Language file above is NOT loaded? It does show in the first line of the “File List for English” Section.

I was also hoping that this module would allow me to replay and record announcements and recordings, as indicated in the manual, but none of that is visible.

Most of the recordings play fine (for example the IVR menu works fine when someone calls.

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if I need to do another step first to convert the recordings.

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