Sound Global Language error

I’m french speaking, so I install french sounds languages and set Global Language to french but system sounds are always in english.
I must remove english sounds languages to have my sounds in french. Why ?

Last week’s version of this question.`

Look through this discussion from earlier in the week. It’s a really good discussion of how Asterisk (It’s not a FreePBX thing) chooses what language files to play back.

If this doesn’t answer your questions, please ask more specific questions.

Read that discussion, my French brother, and fight! :slight_smile:

And fight for what?

Are you using PJSIP trunks?

Yes, I do, Andrew.

RE: [quote=“tm1000, post:4, topic:36067”]
And fight for what?

You forgot that we, users, install FreePBX to become free from editing the config files.

Setting of the default sound language using FreePBX must solve this large problem with a little effort.

But you are a developer, not user, you do not understand what I say, do you?

There is a language barrier here. When I said “works for me” I mean that using the GUI. It works for me.

Rather insulting.

Wow - that is a ton of attitude.

“We, users” is a pretty big group, and I’d like to remind you neither speak for all of us nor are you helping here. You don’t speak for “We, users” - you are a single user that has a problem to which you feel entitled to a solution.

If you don’t like the system, either fix it or leave. This is still largely open-source and user supported. If you have a problem, don’t just sit there and whine like a 13-year-old girl - get up and make some changes.

The fact that you got an answer and didn’t understand is not a “We, users” problem.

Well, then I do not understand you. When you say “it works for me” - what do you mean? You are a non-English speaking? As I see - no, your English is 100500 times better than mine. You tried to check how works the configuration with non-English default sound language which was set using FreePBX? As I see - no. So what do you mean, man, when you say “It works for me”?

I didn’t mean that being a developer is something bad. It is an irony so far. As a developer you understand the meaning of irony? :slight_smile:

I think it’s just a language barrier. Or well. I’m chalking it up to that.

Either way it doesn’t matter. The debug I had to pull out of @iq180 was rather exhausting and still didn’t help and only ended up in insulting attacks. I was able to work with our Japanese partner and am working on narrowing down the issue.

I didn’t infer it that way. There’s definitely a language barrier here. Culturally as well.

Yes sir. I did. I said that probably 3 times in the original thread. I tried Japanese, French, British and Russian.

As we can see if we look at the first message of this thread, I am not. It is a known problem of at least two users (try googling, and you’ll see that there is more than two of us).

May I use the phrase “we, users” from now, sir?

There is a language barrier here. So users install FreePBX not to become free from editing the config files?

Strange conclusion. I like the system, and because of that I want to make it better, more user friendly. What you perceive as an abuse is actually a proposition to change this strange behavior of the program.

And [quote=“tm1000, post:10, topic:36067”]
Yes sir. I did. I said that probably 3 times in the original thread. I tried Japanese, French, British and Russian.

You added non-English system sounds, after that you removed English ones, set non-English language as default, uploaded some custom recordings for IVR, didn’t edit the asterisk.conf file, and that worked? Well, then the problem is worse than I thought before: such configurations doesn’t work on some computers and works on yours.