Sound files location


I’m trying to take a new stab at making sure our system can support a bilingual set of prompts in the cleanest way possible. I’ve searched all over the place but information about correctly setting up multi-langual support is spotty and often contradictory (take for example patch #1823 that has been closed and fixed, but the fix seems to be taking a different approach but is not really documented anywhere)

The first thing I did is to structure my sound files based on Asterisk 1.6 pattern, and setting the option in asterisk.conf:

This should allow me to have a sound file structure similar to this:

I have put all my sound files according to the above, so there is nothing in the sounds directory, other than the 3 folders (as per: All is fine with my default english prompts being picked up correctly by Asterisk.

But it seems that FreePBX doesn’t like this configuration and wants to insist that at the very least, the default language sound files should appear under the sounds folder and the custom under sounds/custom as shown in the page.recordings.php:

$astsnd = isset($asterisk_conf[‘astvarlibdir’])?$asterisk_conf[‘astvarlibdir’]:’/var/lib/asterisk’;
$astsnd .= “/sounds/”;

if (!file_exists($astsnd.“custom”)) {
if (!mkdir($astsnd.“custom”, 0775)) {

So am I then right in assuming that FreePBX is not compatible with Asterisk 1.6 default (and 1.4 optional) sound files location scheme? If so, should this be filed as a bug?