<SOS !> FreePBX Administration landing page is blank after upgrade to

I did an upgrade of the FreePBX framework to, after upgrade, can’t see anymore FreePBX Administration landing page, it is blank. My extensions and trunk are working fine and I could make calls.

My system information:
OS: Centos 6.3 (kernel: 2.6.32… 32 bit)

After doing a search on the internet, I found that FreePBX 2.10 is somehow trouble maker. However, according to some suggestions, I did:

The packages are downloaded but with an error message as below:
PHP Fatal error: Incompatible file format: The encoded file has format major ID 3, whereas the loader expects 4 in /var/www/html/admin/modules/callerid/functions.inc/functions.inc.php on line 0

I guess it is something related to web server (Apache). Please help !

@ SkykingOH
It may sound ridiculous, but it was a great pain for me after upgrade to 2.10 !
I know many many users are happily married to 2.10, while many others also suffering from “blank admin page” issue after upgrade. Unfortunately, it happened to me after I upgraded from 2.8 -> 2.9 and then 2.10.

I would rather stay with 2.9 until for 2.11 released, but would never travel on 2.10.

After trying almost a weekend, I couldn’t find any solution (unfortunately, nobody even gave any suggestion on this forum). So I reinstalled and reconfigured my FreePBX. Currently, I am using FreePBX 2.9. One suggestion, NEVER UPGRADE TO FreePBX 2.10 !

That’s a ridiculous suggestion. 2.9 is quickly approaching end of support once 2.11 is released.

Hundreds of thousands of users have update to 2.10 without issue.

Are you using commercial modules? If so keep in mind as of 2.10 many commercial modules required PHP 5.3. As a result if PHP gets updated the zend guard loader module for PHP also needs to be updated. By the information provided, this wasn’t a FreePBX error but rather you loading an old Zend Guard Loader than what was required.

Hi GameGamer43:
No, I am not using commercial modules, my PBX is for domestic usage.
However, after reading your plain english explanation, I believe, by mistake I selected the radio button for “Commercial” module while updating.

One suggestion, as the commercial module requires PHP 5.3, can the user be warned when she clicks/selects the commercial module during upgrade. This warning alert is an implementation at the admin front end, which may save user’s frustration and time.

Thanks again for a good explanation :slight_smile:

The module themselves won’t install if a dependency isn’t met. On top of that existing freepbx modules at this time, don’t upgrade OS level features unless you have a paid version of sysadmin and the FreePBX Distro.

From your post…you have centos 6.3 which has php-5.3