Sos error!

:sos: hi guys. My server broke so I moved the 2 disks of the broken server to another dell r710 and imported the configuration. Now when FreePBX loads I get this error and it won’t start !!! Please provide your help

Can you give us a bit more information? How did you import the configuration?
Can you SSH into the server C/P the error rather than posting a picture we can’t read…?

well dell servers once you insert them with a drive they ask you wether you want to import foreign configuration. so i chose yes

let me try ssh

no i am not able to connect this is what i get sorry for the screenshot

@PitzKey @lgaetz guys i know you ar experts. please provide you help in this

Don’t ping people begging for free support for your emergency that is not our problem.

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please accept my apologies. the company i work for a business of 120 people is left without phones because of the voip server failure. hence my desperate call for help.

It may be better to use a paid option if you are trying to get up before Monday. Forum support may not get you back up in time or at all

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