Sort incomming calls

Hello all!

I have interest task: sort incoming calls by geographical place. I have dialplan’s, which determine a geographical region of caller.

But how I can route this incoming call? I think, maybe make many DIDs and place my dialpalns in CallerID Number? Is this method work properly? Maybe somebody can help me and say another, more powerful idea?

You could create a number of inbound routes that match various area codes. You would need to use matching against “Caller ID Number”. This could get laborious but you can define all of these in a csv file and use the DID Bulk upload facility to load them to the system. Then it’s up to you were each area codes numbers are routed.

Thanks for answer!
But what about some dialplans in “Caller ID Number”? I mean like “812XXXXXXX;90[1-3]XXXXXXX;9217[3-8]XXXXX;etc”? Is this work properly, if I place all this masks in field “Caller ID Number”?