Sorry, but I'm slightly confused as to my 'version' and upgrade options

So… First, am so very happy with the way FreePBX /PIAF has helped me.

BUT… i’ve been running the same ‘piaf’ installation that I downloaded about 3yrs ago, with little/no change… and I know its time for an upgrade.

WHen I login the GUI, it shows "FreePBX"
When I cat /etc/asterisk/version, I get “Asterisk 1.4.21”

The question is, what’s the best path for upgrade for me? I just set up a system with the latest stable (2.210.62 - 32bit), and i’d love to port my current setup to that version…

[BTW, There is no “freepbxdistro…version” file in /etc/asterisk, as I poked around looking for that…]

So I’m guessing this is a rather antiquated version.

I’ve got a couple of test-bed boxes in the office, which I use to experiment on… (believe it or not I’ve built PBXs for friends’ businesses which they’re thrilled with, with this same distro and they’re still running perfectly well too)…

Is there a possibility of doing a backup or partial backup, then restoring to a new box? (i tried this once and yes, it all turned upside down and spit out pages of unhappiness)…

tx in advance

You are using PBX in a flash so there won’t be a FreePBX distro version file.

You will only have that if you use the official FreePBX distro.

I can’t comment on the PBXiaf upgrade procedure, you are two major versions behind on FreePBX and 4 on Asterisk.

If you can get your FreePBX up to 2.10 via module admin (be careful with PHP version dependencies) then you can backup and restore to a modern distro.

Thanks so much… That was what I feared… Just gotta figure out if I can pull that off, or if I just need to re-write the whole thing.