Sonagoma Appliances


I was looking at the sangoma products on their website and the FreePBX website. I would like to hear from you if you have deployed the FreePBX Phone Systems or the PBXact appliances. How reliable they are and also the support. I haven’t read any reviews or anything about the actual appliances. However i have read about their support not being very reliable. Any comments would be appreciated.

This is for the apliances running freepbx not FreePBX itself. My main concern is how they back their products.

There’s a lot of moaning and bitching about technology, most of it is from users who lack an understanding of their own errors, sysadmins who think they have nothing left to learn, and people generally being people (this is a bad thing). I could go on for ages about this, and I’m only 27…I can’t imagine what I’ll be like in another 10 or 20 years. TL;DR = Don’t buy into the anti-hype.

I am a senior sysadmin for a multinational company that provides conferencing services to all 6 inhabitable continents and I’ve been on computers since I was two. I have been paid to support desktops and networks since I was 14, and have a good amount of experience dealing with most problems an office can have with their technology. The FreePBX product has been absolutely amazing, and the support (especially this forum - @tm1000 and @dicko give a TON of support) has been top-notch.

I have had some trouble with an AWS-based manual FreePBX install, specifically some NAT issues and port accessibility. If at all possible, install the distro on a box within your network or get a dedibox from a datacenter such as my beloved friends at CloudSouth (I cannot speak highly enough of Frank Caruso and his team there, those guys are amazing). If you can do that, everything that you need is achievable out of the box or with a commercially available addon. I think the SysAdmin module is still free w/ activation, so do that soon if you can…it’s amazing. We have found that the Fax Pro, SysAdmin, Extension Routes, and Voicemail Reports modules are helpful for our business. Fax Pro is a HUGE value added for $150 - fax to e-mail + no monthly charge for a fax line (you can detect faxes coming in and route them separately).

This is highly provider-driven as well, SIPStation and SIPBound are both very good at what they do. We use SIPBound and while there have been a few problems, they have given us a TON of dedicated support and went the extra mile for us on a number of occasions. SIPBound is basically a subdivision of CloudSouth :smile: