Sometimes can not call between extension

Hi there,

I am using freepbx Version 2.1beta1.
I have created 2 extension 400 & 3333, then
(1) I tried dial 3333 from SIP/400 to SIP/3333 and able to connect but
(2) I tried dial 400 from SIP/3333 to SIP/400 and get the error call failed :503 Service unavailable

I saw call flow from asterisk -rvvv that SIP/3333 is calling Local/3000@from-internal| that why it cant call.

But not sure why it point to local/3000? It is not stabil, cause sometimes, when i delete and add again it works…

and i also cant seem to connect to FWD with the guidance from

Thanks in advance

beta 3 will clear up a tons of problems