Something wrong with freepbx and IAX?

What is wrong with this picture? I have 1 IAX trunk setup. I currently have 0 Total active channels. Tools>Asterisk info>Channels is showing 53 active IAX channels.

If this is normal could someone explain why? (yeah I know I blocked out my private ip address ha ha opps)

Thank you

It’s not a bug, add ‘autokill=yes’ to /etc/amportal/sip_general_custom.conf then ‘amportal restart’

thank you for the cure. :slight_smile:

however why does it show and what exact does the cure do?

if this is required on all connections for aix connections, why not build it in? thanks!


If that was done I could not torture new users!

Seriously, it’s not required on all installs. Seems to only effect certain peers and network configurations.

A better solution is to adjust the timers in the IAX module before you build Asterisk.

There was no file where you mentioned.

I added /etc/asterisk/sip_general_custom.conf and that seemed to fix the issue

Until today I check and I have 50 sip channels active which i have never seen before.

So I edited the kill line back and put everythig back the way it was.

That autokill is the aix not SIP.