Something is wrong


Whenever I dial out from my box, I get connected to my party. However, on my side, I keep on hearing the ring. The other person who gets connected is unable hear anything at all. After 30 seconds or so, the call disconnects from my party’s end, whereas on the box it appears that the extension is still calling and my party’s phone is ringing. Initially, I thought there was something wrong at the provider’s end.

But No, this problem is happenning with each of my provider.

From the CLI, I see my outbound trunk was called to dial out. The call was established though I could hear the ringing sound on my end.

It looks when the call is established, my box does not get the signal that the call is attended on the other end. Consequently, I keep on hearing the ring

What could be wrong ? I’ve never faced such an issue before.

Just to update the thread ,

This problem is with all my VSPs. The call connects, there is no audio or one way audio at times. It disconnects automatically with the message " All circuits are busy now "

I’ve got a static IP and my box is behind a firewall with all the necessary ports opened up. Everything was working flawlessly before.

You didn’t say how you are connecting to these providers (SIP? IAX? Something else?) or if you are doing anything different from a usual configuration. It sounds like FreePBX is not receiving answer supervision - that is, it does not seem to know that the call has been answered. I have no idea why that would be the case, but maybe someone else might.

If it were me, I’d just save my configuration, do a full system backup, then reinstall from scratch. If I were using a particular distribution with FreePBX on it, I’d be sure I had the latest version of that distribution (or even try a different one; there are several that include FreePBX now such as Elastix, AsteriskNow, PBX in a Flash, and a few others). But that’s just me - I find it a lot less painful to do a reinstall than to spend hours trying to track down some obscure problem that no one else seems to be experiencing. Of course if you have a large number of extensions and so forth, it might be more of an issue for you. Don’t forget the prior backup!

Hey thanks for the input,

I am using SIP and I connect to them via my SIP trunks. They are VOIP service providers. All of my calls going out on SIP trunks disconnect after 20 seconds. It looks as if asterisk waits for some kind of SIP signalling and then bwarfs. FreePBX is just a GUI to asterisk. I am positive that it has nothing to do with the issue.

I have 2 boxes on the same LAN. Both of them have the same problem.

I ve googled out and come to know this problem may occur due to Firewall. I’ve been experimenting the whole day. I’ve put my boxes in DMZ and then tested too. What realy kills me, the problem still does not seem to go even when the boxes are put in DMZ.

After put in several hours and experimenting in and out, here was the solution DUH !.

In my sip_nat.conf,

I simply added at the end. Everything works like a charm again !

I guess there was a conflict which gets sorted giving a wrong BUT VALID domain

You should put that in your peer details for the applicable trunk not in the sip_nat.conf