Some strange DND reality

Today I’m experiencing some strange behavior.

From the CLI I see this:

*CLI> database showkey DND/300
/DND/300                                          : xx.2x.2xx.1x:1024:18x:x01:sip:[email protected]:1024

So asterisk doesn’t dial extension 300 because of DND / busy.

This database key/value cannot be deleted from CLI. Both database del DND 300 and database deltree DND are removing the dnd of other extensions but not this 300 :frowning:

core reload / core restart / fwconsole restart don’t help, this key/value still exists…

Have someone seen this before? Is there any other method to remove the extension’s dnd from the database?


Many phones do their own DND outside the control of FreePBX. Make sure you’ve turned off the phone’s DND as well.


It’s a Yealink phone. The 300 extension. The dnd is turned off.

The strange thing is the value of the key: it looks like some registration string from the extension 201 (gigaset dect)

Normally the key should be YES…

Finally we resolved this issue.

TheAsterisk SQLite internal database got a little bit corrupted. This wasn’t visible in the logs or somewhere else - we only seen some strange behavior of DND (the last time the key /DND/300 had a value ‘RINGING’ instead of YES :smiley: )

So we repaired the database (there are a lot of tutorials online - mostly recommend to dump the DB and import it again).

Don’t forget to change the owner/group of the sqlite database file to asterisk…

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