Some small improvements that would create a big impact

Hi community, FreePBX has been such a great initiative since its early days it’s refreshing to see it flourish into the established leader that it is today. I browsed through the blog on FPBX14 which got a facelift and a few improvements over the 13 distro. I am putting the following improvements for debate, I find that they are long overdue to help Admins optimize the use of FPBX and improve user experience:

  • Allow admins to link up directories to UCP user contacts. maintaining an internal directory in print is wasteful and inefficient, the 411 option is also inefficient when in a hurry or on call. Why not allow a default directory(s) that can be assigned to user group(s) and that will remain up to date through a direct link to the asterisk DB?

  • Create a configurable set of defaults for creating new extensions, often times the defaults that are set to new extensions do not respond to the organization’s needs, and often times an organization’s needs do not change for different extensions. Why not turn defaults into a configurable set of parameters?

  • create a switch to allow everyone to use a certain outbound routes, as it stands right now users have to be explicitly given access to any route otherwose they are blocked by default. This creates a problem for delegating tasks (creating new extensions) to non-technical staff.

I can always make a longer list, and i’m sure depending on everyone’s experience the priorities change. I am a strong advocate of open source and i value a lot all the effort that is being put into the development of FPBX. Great job!

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This can be done via the Contact Manager and the User Manager settings. You can already assign what Contact lists the user has access to. It could be one or many, on top of the fact the user can still create their own personal contact lists. You can also assign contact lists to User Groups in User Manager so that members of those groups have access to those specific lists.

This is already done through Settings -> Advanced Settings in the “Device Settings” section. It was originally for Chan_SIP/IAX extension creation but it seems to apply the PJSIP versions of those to PJSIP extensions. Not a 100% on that but this is where you change the default settings new extensions will use when created.

By default all extensions have access to ALL Outbound Routes, in a Top-Down order. The Extensions Routing or the Class of Service modules (both commercial) allow you to assign which routes are allowed to be used by what extensions. Note that Class of Service is a higher functioning module and absorbs Extensions Routing job. So if you just need Outbound Routing control, Extensions Routing is enough. For more granual control over what extensions can dial/access, Class of Service is the one.

This cover what you were looking for?

thank you for your reply, i don’t know how i missed the contact management point, it’s indeed there. as for extension defaults i did see that some settings were configurable through the advanced settings, but the bulk of it is not. Things like default voicemail availability, allow recording, call waiting… i find that there will be value to add a template creation and be able to create extensions based on templates.

As for outbound routes, i know what you are saying, but with the latest update i get the following defaults for routes>>>

in extensions settings this has popped up and defaulted to none>>>>>

thank you